European Direct



Free movement of Goods & Motor Vehicles within the EU
Regarding some highly desirable models, we occasionally are able offer delivery times much shorter than those from UK franchised dealers. Otherwise, delivery times are normally comparable. Once you have decided on the specification, we arrange the ordering of your vehicle via our approved suppliers. At this point, you will sign an order confirmation which authorises us to order the car on your behalf and advises you how to transfer your deposit to the supplying dealer. Once your car is ready for collection, we are able to arrange transportation from the supplier to you.

We deal with all documentation
We are able to deal with VAT formalities and assist with all the necessary documentation for the Vehicle Registration Office to register your car. Your vehicle is no longer classified as a "personal import" as it is accompanied by a full EU Certificate of Conformity (CoC) ensuring that it has full European Whole Vehicle Type Approval, being sourced from within the European Union as a whole. Your vehicle is technically in most cases identical to a main dealer supplied vehicle having similar legal status with the Vehicle Registration Authority. You will be named as the first owner and the V5C Registration Certificate does not mention that it has been sourced from outside Britain if the car is new and has not been permanently registered elsewhere beforehand.

Your legal rights
Your legal right to procure your vehicle from anywhere within the Single Market is enshrined within European Law. The European Commission supports the free movement of goods and motor vehicles within the European Union.

Assistance with other (continental) Websites
Should you require assistance with translation or verification of LHD cars sourced from other mainly continental based websites, just send us the url link via the next page (8) including your contact details and we shall provide verification in English to you. The url link may be reduced in size via this useful website offered by

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