European Direct



1 Introduction

We may be able to provide assistance to UK franchised dealers who at present are unable to take your LHD car in part exchange for a RHD you maybe wishing to acquire, say for example on your return to the UK.

2 LHD for RHD

On returning to the UK with your LHD car registered either abroad or in the UK, many wish to trade their car in locally for a suitable RHD car of their choice. The problem usually occurs when most motor dealers in the UK do not accept a LHD car in part exchange. We may be able to assist in resolving this problem.

3 Underwriting Service

You may ask a reputable franchised UK dealership with whom you plan to purchase your RHD car to contact us directly to effectively underwrite the LHD that you to part exchange. If all is agreed, we would be effectively buying your car via that dealership on their behalf. 

4 Basic Procedure

We would require the dealership to carry out their standard valuation assessment of the car based on their usual criteria and accepted motor trade valuation guide (e.g. Glasses Guide) as if it is a RHD car and UK registered. If the valuation is accepted by us this will be confirmed. We shall pay the dealer directly for the car and that will be taken as their part exchange allowance on any replacement vehicle you will be purchasing from them.

5 Costs

Our fee for providing this service is currently assessed on the same basis as if we were supplying a vehicle to you based on our VAS Fee (Vehicle Acquisition & Services) chart below which depends upon the age and mileage (km) of the vehicle. This element is your responsibility and will be invoiced to you. 

' VAS Fee' (commission) - Link (pdf)

6 Standards Guide

As we shall not be normally viewing the vehicle in in question, there are a few additional points that need to be clarified in addition to any professional assessment carried out on your vehicle:

a) LHD European Specification
b) European Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
c) European Registration Certificate(s)
d) Original number plates to hand unless surrendered
e) Handbooks with Service Manual and all entries correct
f)  Finance cleared
g) Less than five years since first registration
h) Less than 80,000 km (50,000 miles)
i)  Original continental headlights and speedometer
j)  Tyres with 3 mm minimum tread
k) Vehicle is in original condition i.e. accident free
l)  All original issued keys available

7 Follow up procedure

Once everything has been completed, we shall arrange to collect the vehicle from the dealer and market it ourselves probably from our office based in Germany. When the vehicle is transferred to a new keeper within the EU, the original registration certificate will normally need to be surrendered to the new keeper's local registration authority and the original registration authority (yours) is usually then informed directly by them.

8 RHD for LHD

At present we are examining the possibility of providing the service the other way round, in other words you present your RHD vehicle in part exchange to a franchised dealership who maybe providing you with a LHD one. Please ask for regarding the current situation. 

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