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1 Stock Items (Page 6)
Should you wish to purchase any of the vehicles held on our stock lists on pages 6, full details will be provided. Vehicles are generally sourced from Germany. A deposit secures the vehicle chosen with the balance being settled on handover (see 2c ~ 2e below).

2 Cars Chosen to your Specification (Full Package)


Please provide us with as much information as possible so as to assist us find the right car for you (see Page 8 - Contact). We shall provide you with details / quotations of a selection closely suitable cars available from our both franchised and independent car suppliers / garage mainly based in Germany.

2b Choice
Quotations normally include for the full package in sterling (or euros) including obtaining an EC Certificate of Conformity (CoC),  transit registration plates with Green Card European insurance valid for two weeks (longer on request), delivery, UK registration, road tax, UK number plates, the conversion of on board computers and navigation systems into English. The figures will be broken down. The delivery element, which will normally be carried out by road and maybe invoiced seperately by one of our partner companies specialising in this field.

2c Selection - Deposit
Once you have selected one that matches your requirements, a 15% deposit will normally secure the vehicle chosen. We shall undertake further final checks to ensure the vehicle matches the details quoted. If anything untoward materilises, we shall advise you accordingly, whereby the deposit will be refunded or you may opt for a suitable alternative vehicle. 

2d Handover - Final Payment
Following receipt of the deposit and once the final checks have been completed, we shall purchase the vehicle chosen outright for you. It will then be made available for collection or delivered to you by arrangement (usually within a week). The balance is then due on handover in the form of cleared funds or a verified banker's draft. 

2e GB Registration
UK registration will normally be carried out for you directly the car is delivered. The original documents submitted to the DVLA near our Leeds office will be returned once processed (usually within a week) together with the tax disc and UK registration number assigned. We shall arrange for a set of number plates to be prepared and posted directly to you. The V5C Registration Certificate will be sent directly from the DVLA centre in Swansea a week or so later. 

3 Cars Chosen by Yourself  (Self-sourcing)

3a 'Standard (all inclusive)' Package

This level of service is suitable those who have located vehicles either themselves via a variety of means or through us and wish for us to carry out the following services:

a) Vehicle details (availability,specification, service history, finance status, best price and supplier) in English via e-mail or fax
b) Arrangements for provisionally reserving the vehicle and arranging contract to purchase by fax 
c) Assistance with payment procedures between the supplier and yourself
d) Assistance with travel for collection of vehicle from the supplier
e) Transit or export registration with European insurance valid for two weeks (longer on request)
f) Assistance with delivery if not self-collected
g) Assistance with GB registration and advice for other countries
h) Assistance with warranty issues from the supplier

As we are technically working on your behalf as your purchasing agent, you (our client) are responsible for our fees. This applies once a contractual order is agreed and becomes binding on both parties. Once your vehicle is selected, you simply lodge a deposit (15%) in sterling (or euros) with us and we shall purchase the vehicle outright for you (subject to usual checks) - see 2c. The balance may be paid in sterling (or euros) on handover - see 2d. The fees comprise of the following elements:

3a The 'Vehicle Acquisition & Services Fee' (commission) is based on the final invoiced value of the vehicle as obtained from the supplier. The rate depends upon the age and mileage (km) of the vehicle at the time of invoicing. This starts at 3½% for used vehicles up to one year of age or with less than 20,000 km and up to 9% for used vehicles either over 5 years of age or with more than 95,000 km.

' VAS Fee' (commission) - Link (pdf)

3b The 'Transit Registration Fee' of £100/€115 + VAT  per vehicle includes for German transit (export) number plates with one month's European-wide basic insurance - if required. German road tax, if applicable, is charged at cost.


3c The 'GB Registration Fee' of £100/€115 + VAT per vehicle which includes the registration application elements for the vehicle with both the DVLA and HMRC (Customs) if not VAT registered. This fee includes a set of GB Euro or plain standard number plates. The DVLA VED (road tax disc)  and DVLA first registration fee will be invoiced at cost whereby the rate depends upon the car chosen.

4 Other Services

4a 'GB Registration' Service - Vehicles Self-supplied
We are able to offer a GB registration service with the DVLA if you have imported your car yourself whether RHD or LHD. We shall advise you of the minimum legal requirements and submit the application of your behalf. The 'GB Registration' service fee is £280/€320 for a standard application to include a set of number plates, but excludes the DVLA first registration fee (£55/€63) and and DVLA VED fee ( road tax disc) which depends upon the vehicle. This is invoiced only on successful completion of GB registration. Due to the planned closures of the local DVLA offices, this service is now under review, so please ask as to its current status.

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 Current Tax Disc (VED) Rates

4b 'Marketing' Package - Selling on your Behalf
Should be acting as your agent in terms of selling your car, the 'Marketing' package fee is the same as our VAS (Vehicle Acquisition & Services) fee in the link below, whereby you (our client) are responsible for it once a contractual agreement becomes binding. Although we may advise you on the selling price, it is ultimately your decision whether to accept or reject any offers. The initial preparation cost is currently £70/€80 which will be refunded on our completing the sale. The marketing feedback and package is generally reviewed on a monthly basis.

' VAS Fee' (commission) - Link (pdf)

4c 'Part Exchanging LHD for RHD - Support Service
Should you be returning to the UK with your LHD car and wish to use this in part exchange for a RHD one, we may be able to provide a support service to franchised UK motor dealers unable to take a LHD car in part exchange.

4d 'Buying' - Buying your RHD/LHD car
Should you wish for us to buy your LHD/RHD vehicle outright, please contact us regarding the options available.

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5 Collection / Handover / Delivery

5a Collection (supplier)

Most cars may be collected directly from the supplying dealership wherever that may be. We shall also assist with the travel arrangements and your return journey home.

5b Collection / Handover (European Direct)
We are normally able to arrange to bring the car chosen by yourself either to our main purchasing office or an airport nearby. The cost depends on the distance between the supplier chosen and us or a nearby airport whiich will be advised accordingly

5c Delivery / Handover (of your choice)  
Should you be unable to collect the vehicle either from the supplier or us or an airport nearby, separate arrangements may be made to bring the car to an alternative point of collection or destination of your choice. Details of the cost will be provided with the quotation and/or on request.

6 Age of Vehicle?
We specialise in providing vehicles that are either new or nearly new generally placing a recommended three year age limit and a 65,000 km (40,000 miles) limit. Any wish to go beyond these limits need to be discussed and cleared beforehand. The reason is that we are unable to provide in depth technical analysis. However, technical reports from organisations similar to the AA could be arranged at cost where feasible.

7 GB Registration
We shall submit the paperwork required for GB registration. The only items required from you are:

i) an insurance cover note usually based on the VIN / chassis number (assistance provided)

ii) Proof of address and identification: see DVLA guidelines for details:

iii) A cheque made payable to "Department for Transport" for the standard DVLA registration costs consisting of the 'First Registration Fee' (£55/€63) and Road Tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) whereby rates vary from vehicle to vehicle according to either their CO² emissions or date of original registration if before 1st March 2001 - see Advice given.

Once the DVLA has processed the application, an appropriate year related registration mark will be allocated (unless a pre-allocated registration mark is used from either a Retention Certificate or Certificate of Entitlement or a Cherished Transfer - advice can be given). The tax disc and original documents are normally sent to you.

8 VAT on Used Cars
Used vehicles over six months of age and having covered 6,000 km and supplied from within the EU normally has had its VAT paid when new in their country of origin. EU rules stipulate that such vehicles no longer require VAT to be charged in the country of destination, just as you would not need to pay VAT for a used vehicle at home. Some exceptions apply - details on request.

9 Use of GB Registered Vehicles in other EU Countries
Many of our clients then use and keep the vehicle on the Continent for instance at their second home. We may be able to advise on the implications of this from experience gained from other clients. Please ask for details.

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