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Due to the planned closures of the local DVLA offices, this service is now under review, so please ask as to its current status.

1 GB Registration
We offer a GB registration service with the DVLA as part of our 'Premium' or 'Standard' Service Packages. 

2 'GB Registration' Service - Vehicles Self-supplied
We are able to offer a GB registration service with the DVLA if you have imported your car yourself whether RHD or LHD. The 'GB Registration' service fee is 280/320 for a standard application to include a set of number plates, but excludes the DVLA first registration fee (55/63) and DVLA VED fee ( road tax disc) which depends upon the vehicle. This is invoiced only on successful completion of GB registration.

3 Vehicle Excise Duty / Road Fund Licence / Road Tax 
These are various terms referred to the current licensing of the motor vehicle and is displayed in the front bottom left corner of the windscreen. Paid either annually or six monthly in advance, the rate depends upon the age of the vehicle, fuel it uses and the CO2 emissions - see 
SPECIAL NOTE: Should you leave the UK permanently whilst there is at least one full month of road tax remaining, then you may apply for a refund for the remaining unused full months using form V14 available from any post office or from the DVLA website.

4a Documents - Proof of Name & Address
a) Proof of Name: Photo ID Style Licence, Paper Driving Licence, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Passport, Company Registration Certificate
b) Proof of Address: Photo ID Driving Licence, Recent Utility Bill (not mobile phone), Recent Bank or Credit Card Statement
The selected documents need to be scanned and submitted to us for verification.
See DVLA website link for more details on the documents.

4b Documents - Insurance
Original (not copy) Insurance Certificate or Cover Note issued by a UK insurer based on the 17 digit VIN. If necessary, state that the car is to be GB registered and will not be used on the public road until the DVLA has assigned a registration mark and the insurance company has been advised so that they can complete their records. An endorsement to this effect may be added to the insurance certificate or cover note if required.
SPECIAL NOTE: Should your insurance company decline to issue an insurance certificate or cover note based on the 17 digit VIN or chassis number, then we are able to submit the application to the DVLA Leeds, whereby the application will be processed to the point where a GB registration mark is assigned to the vehicle in order to advise to your insurance company to issue an insurance certificate or cover note based on the newly assigned GB registration mark. Once the newly issued insurance certificate or cover note is received by the DVLA Leeds, the application will be completed and your documents returned to you along with the tax disc.

4c EU Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
All vehicles under tens years of age require an EU Certificate of Conformity (CoC) in order to register the car with the DVLA.

5 Application Processed
Once the DVLA application for first (GB) registration has been processed, the original documents will be returned to you along directly from the DVLA Leeds with the tax disc and the V948 Number plate authorisation form. The V5C Registration Certificate issued by the DVLA Swansea usually follows a week or so later.

6 V948 - Number Plates & Authorisation Form
The V948 will enable you to purchase a set of number plates from most car accessory stores, mostly while you wait over the counter. Proof of identity will be required as explained on the V948.
Alternatively we normally order a set of number plates and send them directly to your address once we have been notified of the registration mark assigned without the need of having the V948 form as we have an internal documented arrangement with the number plate manufacturer.

7a VAT on New Cars (NMT)
New vehicles under six months of age or having covered less than 6,000 km (3,750 miles) and supplied from within the EU must have their VAT paid in the country of destination (registration). Unless you are a VAT registered body able to purchase the vehicle through their business, normally the supplier will hold a VAT bond until proof (VAT receipt) has been furnished that VAT has been paid in the country of destination or the vehicle has been permanently exported from the EU. Some exceptions apply - details on request.

We shall submit the required VAT declaration with the main DVLA application. 

i) Premium Service - As we shall be paying the VAT for you on your behalf, you will simply receive the VAT receipt directly from HMRC. Keep this for six years as proof that VAT was paid in the UK.

ii) Standard Service - As you are paying the supplier directly, once HMRC process the VAT declaration, they will issue you with a VAT demand to pay the UK VAT usually within 30 days. On receipt of this payment, HM Customs will issue you with a receipt. Keep this for six years as proof that VAT was paid in the UK. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Should you find that you end up moving your vehicle to another EU member state whilst it is still classified as a New Means of Transport (NMT), you will probably be demanded to pay VAT (correctly) in that EU member state. You should then be issued with a VAT receipt from that country. This should be sent to HMRC along with your VAT receipt, whereby HMRC may refund you the original VAT paid to them. It is based on the principal that VAT is levied on a vehicle within the EU in one member state only - country of destination if it is NMT or country of origin if it is classified as a used vehicle.

8 Use of GB Registered Vehicles in other EU Countries
Many of our clients then use and keep the vehicle on the Continent for instance at their second home. We may be able to advise on the implications of this from experience gained from other clients. Please ask for details.

9 Showroom Tax
The DVLA VED rate includes an element of 'Showroom Tax' for new vehicles including those imported into the UK which are still classified as a NMT (see 2f). More details as to the rates may be viewed via the following link:

 Showroom Tax Rates

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