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European Direct - References/ Testimonials
Over the years we have received a number of references or testimonials, some with photographs, which are available via the links below and are reproduced with the suppliers' permission.

Vehicles Supplied
Gary W. - VW California (13/F)
John & Linda K. - Opel Astra (58/E)
Dagny & Thomas K. - Smart ForTwo Passion (08/D)*
John K. - Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi (55/E)
Philip S. - Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi (10/F)
Rainer L. - Knaus Sport 400 LK (08/D)*
René H. - Mercedes SL55 AMG (52/D)*
Thomas B. - VW Touareg (54/D)*
Jeff S. - Skoda Roomster (57/E)
Dave B. - Hyundai Tucson CRDI (07/E) 
Anne & Dennis P.-L. - VW Golf V Tdi (06/E)
Mika R. - Volvo XC 90 (06/FIN)
Cyril J. - Mercedes C 270 (52/GR) 
Megan R. - VW Touran (55/NL) 
David B. - VW Touran (54/F) 
Katharina & Philip M. - Toyota RAV-4 (52/E)

GB Registration Services
Ari K. - KIA Cerato (56/FIN)
Imogen D. & Marco B. - VW Polo (59/I)
Uwe B. - BMW X3 (05/D)
Oula J. - Audi Q7 (08/FIN)
Jorma H. - BMW X5 (04/FIN)
Pedro C. - Audi A6 Allroad (56/P)

(GB Year Registration or equivalent/Country of either Origin or Eventual Use)
* in own language.

Direct Contact
Those who are willing to discuss their experiences over the telephone directly with you, just please ask.

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