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Where are Cologne & Dusseldorf?
You may click on these links in order to view a map of Cologne & Dusseldorf in relation to Europe and Germany itself. Cologne & Dusseldorf are very well placed for communications having many direct flights per day from London (60 minutes) Manchester (85 minutes) Malaga (2 hours 50 minutes). Ryan Air fly and several other airlines offer discounted flights from London to the Dusseldorf region ( Easyjet fly and several other airlines offer discounted flights to Cologne ( In less than an hour's drive, one could be in Holland and/or Belgium.

Thus links have been established suppliers from at least three different continental countries. The Hook of Holland and Rotterdam (Europoort) is just a 165 mile (265 km) motorway drive and Calais is attained within five hours - 275 miles (440 km).

Cologne, on the river Rhine, is the reputed to be the oldest city in Germany and the traditional capital of the Rhineland Cologne is dominated by its large twin spired cathedral viewable for miles around and is known comercially worldwide for the 4711 'Eau de Cologne' toilet water. Just click here to view more about Cologne.

Dusseldorf is 20 miles downstream of Cologne on the river Rhine. It is the administrative capital of the State of North Rhine Westfalia. In the UK it became better known in the UK in the early 1980's through the TV hit series "Auf Wiedersehen - Pet!". Dusseldorf is reputed to have the longest bar in the world; if one were to put each bar end to end. It is also known at the "Little Paris" having a flair and a style of stores similar to those found in the French capital. Just click here to view more about Dusseldorf.

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