European Direct



European Direct?
European Direct was formed in the 1990's when the market for European cross border car purchases become started to become more common practice.

What do we do?
European Direct specialises in assisting those who wish to check out the possibilities of saving money on the purchase of their new or used car principally from within Europe. If such a purchase proves attractive, assistance will given all along the way from the start through to final delivery and registration home.

Where is European Direct based?
European Direct has based its supply operations on the Continent in Wegberg next to the British forces Germany (BFG) Headquarters known locally as JHQ (Joint Headquarters) or Rheindahlen in Monchengladbach. Dusseldorf (DUS), Niederrhein (NRN), Cologne/Bonn (CGN), Maastricht (MST) and Eindhoven (EIN) airports are all within an hour's drive from Wegberg (we collect). Wegberg is in the State of North Rhine Westfalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany, the most westerly German State (closest to the UK). It is next to Holland (15 mins) with Belgium not much further (45 mins). 
European Direct's administration operations and DVLA GB registration operations is in Leeds.
Regular delivery/handover operations tend to take place in and in around London.

Wegberg has been chosen for the supply in order to be close to the sources of supply to benefit our customers across Europe. It is central to within Europe yet reasonably close to the UK. Calais is just 225 miles (360 km) with usually a straight-forward comfortable four hour drive.
The German car market offers the greatest selection of new and used vehicles. Our experience shows that used vehicles tend to reasonable well looked after. Germany offers a tax efficient system like the UK by imposing NO additional car tax when new or imported from within the EU. Many other EU countries levy an additional car tax which makes used cars unattractive to purchase.

is where our registered office is based and where we have established a long standing good working relationship with the local DVLA registration office. This is important to enable smooth GB vehicle registrations as are required.

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